Running a website, however small, I thought might be an exciting undertaking from a personal development perspective. It is not that I have never run a website in the past - I ran a web hosting company for a time - this is more so a reflection on myself as a professional with all the trials and tribulations that go with it, with a specific focus on the lessons learned that follow. I have participated in the Digital Forensics Community for a handful of years, and I felt that it was my turn to make a feeble attempt in contributing back.

To be more forward, why is this website here, why does it matter and why you might be interested.

The digital forensics community, specifically my time as an incident response consultant has allowed me to interject myself into several opportunities that continue to help me grow as a professional. These opportunities take the form of multiple shapes:

  • Discussions with tremendously intelligent individuals
  • Experience playing an active role/leading in major breaches while serving as a DFIR Consultant
  • Lessons learned from failing fast
  • Observing how numerous industries react differently given the incident
  • To name a few…

Website/Blog Goals

The primary objective that I hope to accomplish by spending the time building this out is growth.

I do not mean the growth of the website, but as I alluded to earlier, professional growth as it relates to the skills demanded of a digital forensic practitioner. I refer mostly to myself when I say this (selfish right?), however, if someone else just so happens to find something that helped me useful as well, then this all was a successful work effort in my opinion.

How I Hope To Accomplish This

I am serious when I say this is mostly for selfish reasons personal growth. The vision here is that, by making public how I understand a particular topic (such as my approach in analyzing a specific forensic artifact) that someone will have no reservations in sparking conversation on improvements, or flaws I might have fallen victim to. Inversely, hearing positive reaffirmation that a specific approach worked well for others is tremendously valuable.

Note: Ideally the comments below these pages serve as a medium to accomplish this. Alternatively, shoot me an email at charles[at]

With this said however, I do everything within my power to ensure content linked to my name is well researched and above all else, a reliable source of information - even if this means course correction.

The byproduct of the above exercise leaves us with this website/blog “thing.” To be more specific, a repository of information publicly available that others might also find useful as they go through similar sets of challenges.